Nick Renner Nicholas Renner - Director of Engineering and Business Development
Nicholas Renner is a co-founder and Director of Finance and Engineering for Integrated Symbiotics. He has spent his 20s gathering knowledge and experience in sustainability and food production. Prior to founding Integrated Symbiotics, he was the Director of Operations for Ft. Smith Petro Environmental, an oil recycling company in Arkansas. Nick has experience in business management as well as energy consulting, renewable energy, recycling, and food commerce. Nicholas graduated from Tufts University in 2010 with a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering and has a passion for technology. Nick believes that the power of food should be transferred from large corporations to the consumer. He strongly feels that reducing steps in the supply chain would not only save energy resources, but also produce a smarter consumer who holds knowledge of what they are consuming.

Integrated Symbiotics cares about education, with the belief that a smarter generation of young people will commit to healthy and sustainable practices.

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